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Private Money Equity Lending

​​Our philosophy on Private Lending is simple: Property-Based. Our Private Money loans are solely based on LTV and property location. Period. We do not require credit, income, reserves, or even appraisals most of the time and the best part is we will close your loan in less than a week.

Although the cost of Private Lending is higher than our more conventional products, you get what you pay for. Simplicity and Peace of Mind is our goal on all Private Transactions and we will let you know within hours if we can fund your loan. If you need to close TODAY without any headaches you will not find a more reliable source.  

All Property Types

  • Purchase, Refinance R/T + C/O 

  • Loan Amounts to $5M

  • Docs Within 24 Hours Possible

  • 70% Max LTV (Max LTV is Based on Property Strengths)

  • O/O OK (Business Purpose Not Verified to $450K)

  • No Appraisals

  • No Income

  • No Reserves

  • No Credit

  • No Max C/O

  • 100% Gift Funds OK

  • Nationwide Possible Rates Starting @7.99% I/O

  • ​  5 Year Terms Available

  •   Bridge Loans Available

Private Money Lenders, Working For You

Have you been turned down for a loan by a conventional lender?

We can do loans that they can't!

  • Self-employment is OK!

  • No Proof of Income is OK!

  • Bad Credit Score is OK!

  • Easy Application Process

  • Quick and Experienced Staff

  • Honest, Efficient and Reliable

  • Foreclosure Bailout Loans!

  • Sub-Prime Loans

  • Commercial

  • Mixed Use

  • Churchs!

  • 2nd Position Liens

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